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The World Bank Group BTA Blockchain Summit standard

On October 13th, Dante Disparte was a featured panelist on The World Bank Group and Blockchain Trust Accelerator’s Blockchain Summit, hosted by the New America Foundation. Panelists Moderator – Tomicah Tilleman, Co-Founder, BTA John Wolpert – ConsenSys Susan David Carevic – World Bank Group Dante Disparte – CEO, Risk Cooperative Michael Casey – MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative Full Panel Cyber Risk and Digital Identity In this clip, Dante discusses blockchain’s potential use in creating a digital identity. Long Range Risks and Opportunities In this clip, Dante discusses future risks and opportunities for blockchain technology. Puerto Rico – Build Back Better In this clip, Dante discusses how blockchain technology can help Puerto Rico build back better. Unintended Consequences In ...

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Dancing with the Black Elephant link

Risk Cooperative CEO, Dante Disparte joined the Dancing with the Black Elephant podcast, Sponsored by the MS in ERM Program at Yeshiva University’s Katz In this episode we spoke about his proposed idea for a public/private initiative to fund bioterrorism and pandemic preparedness, the potential impacts to the insurance industry, and what risk managers can do to better prepare for a pandemic. Read More

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Puerto Rico – Build Back Better standard

On October 4th, Dante Disparte was a panelist on the American Security Project’s event, Build Back Better Puerto Rico Reconstruction In this clip, Dante shares his personal connections to the island and discusses the reconstruction efforts needed. Puerto Rico Build Back Better In this clip, Dante shares the plight of Puerto Rico and what to do going forward. Puerto Rico Debt Crisis In this clip, Dante discusses the debt burden of Puerto Rico and implications of the enormous displacement of people. Puerto Rico Solutions In this clip, Dante discusses the energy costs and ways to rebuild better in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Resilience and Insurance In this clip, Dante discusses preinvesting in resilience, and cites underinsurance as an issue ...

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Event Recap: Build Back Better – Responding to Puerto Rico’s Crisis after Hurricane Maria link

On October 4th, the American Security Project hosted an event on Build Back Better – Responding to Puerto Rico’s Crisis after Hurricane Maria. The panel included Dante Disparte, Chairman of American Security Project’s Business Council for American Security, and the founder and CEO of Risk Cooperative; Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney, USMC (Ret.), Chief Executive Officer of American Security Project; and Andrew Holland American Security Project’s Director of Studies and Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate. The panel discussed different strategies for addressing the unprecedented crisis taking place in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria. The discussions centered on the long-term causes for the disaster in Puerto Rico, best policies going forward, financing issues that need to be overcome, and ...

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BBC World Service link

Risk Cooperative CEO, Dante Disparte joined BBC World Service’s Business Matters program covering a wide range of issues from North Korea (7:35 marker), trade and nationalism (14:35), Puerto Rico and disaster response (26:00) and a light-hearted close on “self-adoration” (45:00) Read More

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Spot On Insurance link

Dante Disparte joins ILSA’s Spot On Insurance podcast. In this episode, Dante will answer the age-old question: Can you be compliant and still be creative? He’ll also share his wisdom when it comes to his “Broker Credo” and the four forces that govern insurance businesses. “There has to be a real acceptance of failure for imagination to thrive.” –Dante Disparte Today on Spot On Insurance: What is Risk Cooperative? Can our heavily regulated insurance industry have room for innovation? The four forces that govern the way you operate an insurance business. Why is regulation and compliance so important? How does ethics and imagination come into play when it comes to compliance? Are regulation and imagination tradeoffs? How ethics applies to ...

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Risk Matters 109: GDPR video

On this episode of Risk Matters, broadcast monthly from Risk Cooperative, Ridge Global Chief Risk Officer, Chris Furlow answers 3 key questions regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming in May of 2018: 1) What is keeping us awake at night? 2) Why does it matter? 3) What can be done about it?

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