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Consensus 2018 – Decentralized Electric Infrastructure link

The terrible storms that hit the Caribbean islands last autumn washed away any illusion that centralized electrical grids can continue to fulfill society’s needs. The work of these panelists can do more than blackout prevention; it can bring decentralized electric infrastructure that harnesses advancements in green-tech and establish peer-to-peer energy to markets around the world. Click the link below and scroll to Day 2, video 30 to watch CEO, Dante Disparte discuss decentralized electric infrastructure. Watch Here

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BBC World Service | Business Matters link

The coffee giant is taking the action two months after a barista in a Philadelphia branch accused two black men of trespassing and called the police. We hear from Heather McGhee of Demos who is involved with educating baristas in racial equality. Also in the programme, six days of fuel strikes in Brazil have led to anger, disruption and finally concessions from the government. The BBC’s South America Business Correspondent Daniel Gallas explains the background. On Memorial Day in America, we ask why are so many military veterans running for Congress this year? Plus our regular commentator Pilita Clark of the Financial Times explains why she thinks there is freedom and opportunity in being someone else’s deputy. Fergus Nicoll is ...

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Blockchain vs. the Insurance Trust Deficit link

It is widely recognized that there is a growing trust deficit in our societies’ institutions, particularly in insurance. This isn’t confined solely to the question of claims on whether or not an insurance company will pay out or whether the insured is trying to defraud the insurance company. To help guide us through those issues and explain how blockchain can help restore trust we were privileged to have Dante Disparte Founder and CEO of Risk Cooperative, live from Washington DC on our show. 2 Minute Definition of Blockchain If the internet created a world of low friction communication, blockchain is creating a world of low friction transfer. How it works is by storing and decentralising information on anything from transactions ...

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Cyber Risk: Business Continuity Amid Rampant Cyber Threats standard

On March 22nd, Chief Revenue Officer, Les Williams shared the latest insights on cyber risk and risk management. As cyber risk is increasingly defining the 21st century, with virtually every facet of the global economy exposed to it. His presentation focused on the evolution of cyber threats, the impact they have on organizations, and mitigation techniques. Participants learned how to best protect their organization’s against the growing threat of cyber attacks, with analysis of recent case studies, including the Bank of Bangladesh, Equifax, WannaCry and most recently Orbitz. As most cyber threat occurs between the keyboard and the chair, the presentation delved into the human element of cyber risk. Download the presentation Watch the video here Additional Resources: Cyber Security ...

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