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Economic Nationalism’s Impact on International Business link

Expropriation of foreign-owned assets—ruled passé just a decade ago—is again very much en vogue as the race to control national energy supplies and gain market share prompts an increasing number of governments to nationalize or renationalize strategic assets. The rise in economic nationalism in such countries as Argentina and Russia is good evidence of this and has resulted in negative consequences for many international businesses, which succumb to host nations forcibly taking extraordinary stakes in their business. Read More

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2013 Promises to Be a Real Challenge for Risk Managers link

Although most international risk managers have become accustomed to operating in the “new normal” that has prevailed over the past 4 years, 2013 is likely to prove a real challenge for a number of reasons. With the fiscal cliff looming, the latest round of Greek debt talks having collapsed, and the Middle East in tatters, we are entering the New Year with every bit as much angst and fear as prevailed in late 2008—just in a different package. While the perfect storm may not, in the end, occur in January, because U.S. law makers are likely to pull a rabbit out of a hat at the last minute, saving us from the “cliff,” there remains the lingering $16 trillion debt ...

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Why Personal Risk Management Plans Should Include Insurance link

When most consumers analyze why they should buy insurance coverage, they often focus on protecting their tangible items, such as their homes or possessions. They may be acutely aware of the value, or cost of replacing those items in the event of a loss. In contrast, other types of risk, like loss of life, may be more seem challenging to address. People naturally avoid thinking about how their lives would be affected in the event of the loss of a loved one, because their analysis can be clouded by emotion. However, a death in the family can cause the temporary or permanent loss of financial security necessary to meet living expenses in the household. Loss of the person financially responsible ...

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