Session 1: Exposing & Mitigating Cyber Vulnerabilities

Cyber risk assessments form the foundation of an organization’s risk mitigation strategy by not only developing organizational cybersecurity awareness, but also by identifying an organization’s unique vulnerabilities. The presenter will provide a brief overview of sources of risk (third parties, IoT, hacking, phishing) and sobering data regarding the average impact of a cyber attack.

Companies must leverage every resource available to establish a layered and proactive defense. The biggest cyber threat to an organization often lies between the chair and the keyboard, hence the human element is an important part of the cyber equation. Educating staff via cyber hygiene training can turn employees from “cyber liabilities” to “vigilant proactive deterrents” against cyber-attacks. Coupled with technology solutions, an organization that employs a holistic enterprise-wide cybersecurity framework is best positioned to withstand the evolving range of cyber threats.


Session 2: Your Strategy for Cyber Recovery

Building a resilient organization that can withstand a cyber intrusion goes beyond compliance and notification requirements. Cyber criminals can bring an organization’s operations to a halt with a single ransomware virus, leaving it without the financial means to meet payroll, deliver client services, or even pay for the necessary breach response services to revert its systems back online. Understanding the financial impact an organization can withstand is crucial to building cyber resilience. Equally as important is understanding the value of its data or potential reputational /revenue implications that often accompany a cyber incident.  Companies need a robust cyber mitigation and response strategy to effectively manage a range of cyber crisis scenarios and maintain operational continuity.  This session will review insurance coverages, crisis management strategies, and the importance of board/leadership oversight.

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