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Our experts speak frequently at events around the world on global strategy, policy, and risk. Please join us at our upcoming events listed below.

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Virtual Townhall: Telework Playbook

Date: April 7, 2020

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Location: Online

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged organizations to create accessible and productive remote workplaces on short notice. Though many businesses have long supported telework for some employees, some of the time, very few were prepared to bring all of their functions online indefinitely. As organizations confront the many business continuity pressures the crisis has brought, this rapid adjustment to remote work shines a light on critical cybersecurity risks.

  • Do you have the right levels of cyber security, VPN’s or other necessary security measures in place?
  • How are you verifying that employees are practicing correct cyber hygiene?
  • Have you educated your staff on phishing emails and other cyber threats that capitalize on the paranoia around COVID-19?
  • Have you reviewed your cyber insurance policies to ensure they cover staff and devices while working remotely?


Join us for a virtual townhall we’re calling The Telework Playbook. Risk Cooperative’s Chief Revenue Officer, Les Williams, will be joined by Austin Berglas, BlueVoyant’s Global Head of Professional Services to outline the scope of the challenge, and then offer their expertise for a Q&A.





BlueVoyant provides comprehensive cybersecurity services and technology.

Risk Cooperative helps organizations solve intractable business challenges through strategy and risk mitigation.

Louisiana Hospital Association | Trust Funds

Date: June 11, 2020

Location: Shreveport, LA

LHA Trust Funds provides healthcare providers with insurance and claims administration services. Les Williams will speak to the LHA membership on issues of cyber, AI, and safety. (More information to come.)

Society of Corporate Governance | National Conference

Start date: July 8, 2020

End date: July 11, 2020

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Les Williams will present. (More information to come.)

Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC) Annual Convention

Start date: July 25, 2020

End date: August 1, 2020

Location: Southhampton, Bermuda

Risk Cooperative’s CEO, Andres Franzetti, will participate in a presentation at the Annual Convention for the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC), a professional trade association of peer-reviewed, premier defense and corporate counsel and industry executives. Andres will speak on a panel of disaster preparedness and response experts.

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