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Risk Cooperative offers an array of solutions designed to solve intractable business challenges around strategy, risk mitigation and capital management. Our solutions are industry agnostic and are applicable across global markets.

Review Before You Renew

Your business could be at risk from insurance coverage gaps. It never hurts to get a second opinion on your insurance.


Insurance 101: Business Coverage

Insurance is a necessary function for organizations, although not all view this coverage as strategically as they should. Take a closer look at what coverages are needed and when.

COVID Coverage Summary: Benefits

Many employee benefits and insurance coverage will be triggered should workers contract the COVID-19 virus. It is important to carefully review the specific language of your insurance policies to determine the extent of coverage available for the impact of coronavirus.

COVID Coverage Summary: Business Policies 

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to test organizations’ resiliency, it is important to understand how your business might be at risk. It is important to carefully review the specific language of your insurance policies to determine the extent of coverage available for the impact of coronavirus.

Property & Casualty 

Risk Cooperative works with clients to provide insurance across all their property and casualty needs. Our team of risk specialists can aid with the origination, quoting and placement of property and casualty insurance solutions around the world.

Life & Health 

Risk Cooperative understands that a key coverage component for any business involves life and health insurance programs. Our team has deep knowledge in these coverage areas, helping organizations to safeguard their employees anywhere in the world. Risk Cooperative provides a wide range of insurance programs for accident and health insurance, designed with each customer in mind, helping to meet their needs on a regional or global level.

Comprehensive Benefits

Risk Cooperative’s Comprehensive Benefits practice helps employers navigate healthcare complexity and price inflation without eroding competitiveness. Geared to give small to mid- sized firms the human advantage enjoyed by larger employers, Comprehensive Benefits offer turnkey solutions with the convenience of one point of contact.

Ancillary Benefits

Ancillary benefits can be a powerful tool in an increasingly competitive talent market. Moreover, these benefits can have an outsize impact relative to their cost.

Pitfalls of Payroll Providers & Employee Benefits

Our experience working with clients requires us to advise clients to beware when utilizing payroll providers or PEOs for insurance needs. There are several pitfalls to avoid when these firms claim their buying power allows them to help control rising healthcare costs.

Cyber Risk

As Cyber Risk increasingly becomes the most common threat, cyber risk insurance helps defray the costs of a breach and offers vital remediation and mitigation support during the recovery phase. Risk Cooperative understands that each organization has its own unique cyber risk profile, and an out of the box solution may not work. Our cyber specialist team has worked to develop a suite of cyber insurance and risk transfer solutions that can be customized to meet specific client needs.

Cyber 101: Coverage Overview

Cyber risk continues to grow everyday. As organizations explore how to best combat this risk, cyber insurance is another resource that can help build resilience. There are many cyber insurance products on the market today, yet not all provide equal levels of protection. 

Cyber Exclusions

Not all cyber insurance products are created equal. Coverage differences and exclusionary language amongst cyber policies has led to claims being denied, which often results in court rooms determining outcomes or large, unexpected losses that drive companies out of business.

Cyber 101: Minimum Cybersecurity Checklist

In the evolving cyber insurance market, carriers assess client risk when they review applications for cyber coverage. This checklist summarizes six areas for cybersecurity and the minimum standards that underwriters expect. While criteria for optimum rates and coverage is continually being updated, meeting these standards is a first step toward insurability. 

Cyber 101: Sample Technical Specifications

In the increasingly challenging cyber insurance market, clients must be prepared to provide detailed descriptions of their cybersecurity programs. The below sections provide key underwriting questions and considerations required to obtain a cyber quote. 

Private Client

The lines between risk and reward have blurred, as have the lines between private wealth and enterprise/portfolio value. Risk Cooperative and RCM&D have partnered to offer a reimagined private client experience that brings a comprehensive advisory, risk management and risk transfer capability to high net worth individuals.

Specialty Risk

As a fully licensed independent brokerage, Risk Cooperative can originate, quote and place a large array of specialty lines insurance solutions. Customers need solutions that follow their operations worldwide and Risk Cooperative can help.

Physical Security

Risk Cooperative’s Physical Security insurance solutions are designed to help organizations and academic institutions cope with the growing risk of active shooter and mass casualty events. This specialized program provides a preliminary risk assessment gauging vulnerabilities, as well as on the ground crisis management support, counseling services for victims, and Lloyd’s-backed liability protection to help protect assets from legal costs and reputational harm.

Insurance Brokerage

Risk Cooperative is a fully-licensed independent brokerage, operating along the full spectrum of risks and insurance classes, covering life, health, property, casualty and specialty risks. Working with all major global insurance markets and uniquely positioned to help clients address any risk issue.

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