Risk Cooperative aims to de-risk SME investments, facilitate access to the capital markets and improve investor readiness leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs and mid-sized firms. We invest our own capital in this endeavor through outright acquisitions and equity investments with the aim of long-term value creation.


Fund Raising

Risk Cooperative believes in leveling the playing field in the capital markets for small to mid-sized firms and offers investor-readiness advice in this process.

Due Diligence

Our offering of pre-investment due diligence in a 360 environment covering all facets of a prospective investment or project help de-risk and mobilize capital.

Equity Investments

Direct deployment of capital for full ownership or partial ownership of a portfolio of firms, projects and ventures. This solution is also aimed at investor-readiness among small to mid-sized firms.

Investor Readiness

Development of investment material, including prospectus documents, business model reviews and strategic/financial forecasting.

Fund Management

Development, management and long term value creation through fund management, including investor relations, fund raising and management of the investment lifecycle.

100 Leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs and SMEs

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