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Climate Changed, But We Can Do Something About It standard

No country, community, or household (anywhere in the world) has been spared from the acute and attritional effects of climate change. So much so, that we must treat the words, henceforth, in the present tense, climate changed and the timeline for action in the here and now. Stay informed. Our Insights Newsletter highlights the latest news and analysis on global strategy, policy and risk.  Subscribe to Insights It turns out the arc of climate change is short, and it bends towards 2℃ being a floor rather than a ceiling. For far too long the impacts and likelihood of man-made or anthropogenic climate change was placed on a distant horizon. This led to a general lack of societal action in both the ...

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Why We Need a Pandemic FDIC-Like Entity to Backstop Insurers standard

A Pandemic FDIC structure can provide the coordinated approach necessary to address the widespread impacts caused by novel diseases like COVID-19. Stay informed. Our Insights Newsletter highlights the latest news and analysis on global strategy, policy and risk.  Subscribe to Insights As the United States nears six months of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, the data remains staggering. According to the World Health Organization, as of August 30, there were 25 million confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide with deaths reaching 840,000. Sadly, the U.S. leads all countries in both confirmed cases — 5,855,521 — as well as deaths — 180,689. While many countries enforced social distancing and mask protocols in an attempt to break the chain of transmission, the U.S. has struggled to control the ...

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The World Needs a DARPA-Style Project to Prevent Pandemics link

Stay informed. Our Insights Newsletter highlights the latest news and analysis on global strategy, policy and risk.  Subscribe to Insights By Dante Disparte and Tom Ridge Published April 24, 2017 When the Blizzard of ’78 hit the Northeast, it caught the region by surprise. Some meteorologists had predicted only a minor snowstorm, and forecasts were still unreliable enough that many people simply went about their regular business. When the hurricane-force storm hit, traffic came to a complete standstill due to the fast-accumulating snow – even the plows were stuck — and thousands of cars were abandoned. Not all the stranded people would survive. It took over a week – and help from the National Guard – to clear the roads again. Today, even ...

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Risk Continuum link

This article was originally published on LinkedIn in January of 2015, just a few months after Risk Cooperative was founded. Its premise at the time was that risk was dynamic and the traditional risk management frameworks needed to adapt if organizations wanted to effectively manage risk. Since its original publish date, this hypothesis has come true. The emergence of more and more man-made risks has rendered some insurance plans, and risk management practices ineffective. Enterprise Risk Management has gained new momentum, and firms are now seeking to achieve Risk Agility – a concept that promotes resiliency rather than risk avoidance. These ideas – particularly the principal of harnessing risk as a catalyst for growth – have been a guiding principle for ...

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An Amazon Survival Guide Is Needed standard

This article was originally published at Forbes.com in November of 2018. Since then, Amazon has been quietly making moves to solidify its place in the healthcare conversation. From the formal launch of Haven Healthcare last year, to the acquisition of Pillpack online pharmacy in June 2018, and the recently opened Amazon Care health clinic last month, Amazon is poised to disrupt the healthcare industry in big ways. Subscribe to Insights Newsletter After much national fanfare, Amazon, the second firm to join the trillion-dollar club, has announced the new homes of its much sought after HQ2. Not one home, but two, as the search for a single single city has in fact split with Long Island City, New York and Crystal ...

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