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If JP Morgan, Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway Can’t Reform Healthcare, Who Can? standard

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase have announced their joint venture, Haven Health, would be shutting its doors. Stay informed. Our Insights Newsletter highlights the latest news and analysis on global strategy, policy and risk.  Subscribe to Insights The U.S. political discord of 2020 that spilled into 2021 will continue to dominate the headlines well into the New Year and for the foreseeable future. Disagreements over pandemic-driven mask mandates, foreign trade, stimulus checks and the election results themselves are indelible themes that will resonate throughout U.S. history. The one theme that remains intractable, even well before 2020, has been the pitiable state of the U.S. health care system. The recent disbandment of Haven Health has sent a clear signal that health care, like our tax system, ...

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Risk Cooperative Presents Cyber 360° to InfraGard standard

Given the highly systemic nature of cyber and increasingly interconnected world we are living in, organizations can no longer afford to focus on merely being cyber compliant. They must now evaluate all facets of their business to ensure operational and cyber resiliency. CONTRIBUTE TO THE SURVEY AND RECEIVE  AN UPDATED REPORT:  360° Cyber Risk Survey Exposing Cyber Vulnerabilities | Risk Cooperative outlines a current “state of cyber risk”, sources of risk and averaged survivability statistics for small businesses. Cyber risk assessments form the foundation of an organization’s risk mitigation strategy by not only developing organizational cybersecurity awareness, but also by identifying an organization’s unique vulnerabilities. Mitigating Cyber Threats | Risk Cooperative addresses best practices for protecting sensitive information, staff training, ...

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RC Quick Takes – Contingent Business Interruption Coverage in the Wake of Solar Winds standard

Businesses of all sizes should revisit their cyber insurance policies in the aftermath of this widespread attack.   Stay informed. Our Insights Newsletter highlights the latest news and analysis on global strategy, policy and risk.  Subscribe to Insights Adding insult to a severely injured year, the waning days of 2020 saw a massive breach aimed at the U.S. government and other private businesses.  Perhaps no entity experienced the greatest fallout than SolarWinds, an Austin-based company developing software that helps businesses manage their IT infrastructure. Orion, network monitoring software developed by SolarWinds,  became infected with malicious code which then infected approximately 18,000 SolarWinds customers.  Several of the impacted companies include household names such as Intel, VMware, Deloitte, and Belkin. Businesses of all sizes should ...

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Cyber Attacks, a Pandemic, Fiscal and Governance Instability: The 2020 Risks We Can’t Ever Forget standard

Many of the Top Risks to Prepare for in 2020 came to fruition as a direct result of the global pandemic. Stay informed. Our Insights Newsletter highlights the latest news and analysis on global strategy, policy and risk.  Subscribe to Insights The old saying “what a difference a year makes” is clearly an understatement as 2020 comes to a close. Wildfires engulfing large portions of California and Australia, the coronavirus pandemic, the unprecedented drop of U.S. oil below $0 a barrel, the global protests for racial equality ignited by George Floyd’s killing, and the debates surrounding the U.S. presidential election results were some of the indelible highlights of this tumultuous year. In the waning months of 2019, the World Economic Forum (WEF) identified the top 10 global risks headed into 2020 as fiscal ...

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Risk Cooperative’s Chief Revenue Officer Named Professor of Practice at the University of Virginia link

Accomplishment Follows a Year of Professional Milestones Washington, D.C. November 19, 2020 – Risk Cooperative, a leading provider of risk management services and comprehensive insurance solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Les Williams, Risk Cooperative’s Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, as a professor of Practice in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at his alma mater, the University of Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS).  As a successful entrepreneur, risk and resilience leader, this recognition of Les’ contributions to management practice are a capstone to a year of personal and professional accomplishments. Other notable achievements in 2020 include his nomination and acceptance of the Bert King Award for Service, an alumni achievement award from Harvard Business ...

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How Government Contractors Can Use EPLI to Manage Changes Affecting Diversity Training standard

The suspension of D&I programs may result in an increase of EPLI claims among employees who face real or perceived racial discrimination in an environment without D&I training. Stay informed. Our Insights Newsletter highlights the latest news and analysis on global strategy, policy and risk.  Subscribe to Insights In the aftermath of the tragic death of George Floyd, businesses across the country have scrutinized their Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives more closely than ever. JP Morgan has recently committed $30 billion to help close the racial wealth gap facing Black and Latino Americans. While the investment addresses important issues, like the origination of personal home loans and providing loans to thousands of small Black and Latino businesses, other banks have pursued similar outreach ...

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Climate Changed, But We Can Do Something About It standard

No country, community, or household (anywhere in the world) has been spared from the acute and attritional effects of climate change. So much so, that we must treat the words, henceforth, in the present tense, climate changed and the timeline for action in the here and now. Stay informed. Our Insights Newsletter highlights the latest news and analysis on global strategy, policy and risk.  Subscribe to Insights It turns out the arc of climate change is short, and it bends towards 2℃ being a floor rather than a ceiling. For far too long the impacts and likelihood of man-made or anthropogenic climate change was placed on a distant horizon. This led to a general lack of societal action in both the ...

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California’s Green Insurance Products: What They Mean, What They Can Do standard

While 2020 has been a tumultuous year for risk managers domestically, California has seen more than its fair share of difficulties. Stay informed. Our Insights Newsletter highlights the latest news and analysis on global strategy, policy and risk.  Subscribe to Insights Economic ramifications for small businesses mounting as a result of the pandemic, more than 650 wildfires scorching millions of acres, and the growing debate over California’s passing of AB5, a labor law requiring many gig economy employers to classify workers as employees instead of independent contractors. There is a bright spot that has been overshadowed by these crises, and it will allow Californians to breathe easier. Promoting Resiliency: It Is Easy Being Green On July 14th, The California Department of Insurance Commissioner Ricardo ...

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Leverage the Insurance Industry to Drive Climate-Proof Development standard

This piece was written for the 21st Century Diplomacy project to address climate change and financial stability.  Learn More As the global economy becomes increasingly interconnected, so too have the risks. A single disaster or event in one region can have severe implications felt halfway around the globe. No single risk illustrates this interconnectedness better than climate change. The increased frequency of extreme weather events and their growing intensity is affecting every facet of the world and humanity. Extreme weather events have created added strain on global food production, caused supply chain disruptions, and are constantly testing the endurance of global infrastructure as well as financial resiliency. Addressing climate change is a complex and daunting task that requires an international ...

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