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BBC World Service: Business Matters, US Consumer Confidence Highest Since Pandemic

Chairman, Dante Disparte was featured on BBC’s Business Matters. Listen now as he covers: the U.S. economic outlook, his Congressional testimony on climate change in Africa, global supply chains and French wine. Listen Here

Consumer confidence is up, according to The Conference Board, an independent research group; Kathy Bostjancic from Oxford Economics tells us why. Alphabet the company that owns Google and Youtube has released its latest quarterly results which show advertising revenue rising at an unexpectedly sharp pace; Mike Issac from the New York Times tells us why. Also in the programme, the world’s transition towards an electric car future is fuelling a rush for lithium, which is a primary component of the batteries. Chile is one of the world’s largest sources of the metal, but as the BBC’s Jane Chambers reports from the salt flats of the Atacama Desert, there are concerns big mining companies aren’t doing enough to help indigenous communities living nearby. Plus, the French winemaker Bollinger has bought Ponzi Wines in Oregon in the United States; Etienne Bizot is chief executive of the Bollinger group of companies, and tells us what was behind the acquisition.

Joining us to discuss these topics and more are Dante Disparte, the Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Policy for Circle, and in Hong Kong, Shuli Ren, a Bloomberg Opinion columnist.

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