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BBC World Service: Business Matters

CEO, Dante Disparte featured on BBC’s Business Matters. Listen now as he covers: quantitative squeezing, online gaming (and (re)branding among other topics.

Jerome Powell, the chairman of America’s central bank has announced the decision to put up the cost of borrowing in the US. We get analysis from David Wessel, a senior fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution in the US. Many video games let players using a PC, Nintendo or Microsoft Xbox play together online. But Sony had blocked Playstation users from competing across platforms, infuriating gamers. It’s now relented and Steven Messner from the website PC Gamer explains why. Maritime workers spend months at sea, affecting their mental health. The Seafarers Society says the impacts could be lessened if ships had better connections, allowing people to keep in touch with friends and loved ones back on land. We speak to Stuart Rivers, the society’s chief executive. Plus as Dunkin’ Donuts rebrands to simply Dunkin’, and Weight Watchers becomes WW

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