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BBC World Service: Business Matters, Ukraine hit by cyber attacks

Listen Here  Andres Franzetti, CEO, was featured on BBC’s Business Matters. Listen as he covers pressing global issues.

The Ukrainian government has said its websites and banks have been hit by cyber attacks. We hear from General Keith Alexander, the former director of the US National Security Agency and founding commander of United States Cyber Command.

Earlier this month, after years of delay, a deal was signed by the French energy giant Total Energies giving the green light to a controversial pipeline running from Uganda to Tanzania. The project’s backers say it will usher in economic development across the region, but activists question the environmental impact of the project, as the BBC’s Joshua Thorpe has been finding out.

A new study has found that a quarter of the world’s rivers contain potentially toxic levels of pharmaceutical drugs and it’s been concluded that the pharmaceutical products found in them are a threat to human health and aquatic life. We get details from Dr Veronica Edmonds Brown, an Aquatic Ecologist at The University of Hertfordshire.

Jamie Robertson is joined throughout the program by Sushma Ramachandran, journalist and columnist at The Tribune in Delhi, and Andres Franzetti, Chief Executive Officer at The Risk Cooperative from Washington.

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