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BBC World Service: Business Matters, Major countries outline vaccine donation plan

Chief Revenue Officer, Les Williams featured on BBC’s Business Matters. Listen now as he covers: ransomware, taxes, and vaccines, among other topics. Listen Here

The group of seven industrialized nations are to donate one billion coronavirus vaccines to the rest of the world by the end of next year – we look at how realistic that aim is. One big US business says it paid cyber hackers a multi-million dollar ransom. But should companies pay up? Ireland’s finance minister tells the BBC’s Rob Young why he’ll be arguing to lower the global minimum corporate tax rate that world leaders recently agreed. Plus, we look at the international row over the name of a type of rice with food historian Lindsay Middleton from the University of Glasgow and Aberdeen.

We discuss all this with live guests Les Williams, Associate Professor at The School of Engineering at The University of Virginia and Mehmal Sarfraz, co-founder of the website, The Current PK and a journalist for Geo TV in Lahore, Pakistan.

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