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BBC World Service: Business Matters, India halts Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine exports

Chief Revenue Officer, Les Williams featured on BBC’s Business Matters. Listen now as he covers: COVID vaccine rollout, the Suez Canal crisis, and food delivery apps, among other topics. Listen Here

India has placed a temporary hold on all exports of the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine. We speak to Prashant Yadav from the Centre for Global Development about what’s causing the squeeze and what it could mean for the global vaccination effort. The Suez Canal, which carries 10% of global trade, has been blocked by a container ship.LoriAnn Larocco, the author of Trade War – Containers Don’t Lie: Navigating the Bluster explains the global ramifacations of the blocakge. Also in the programme, The BBC’s Manuela Saragosa reports on the growth in food delivery apps over the past year, and what it all means for restaurants.

Joining us to discuss these topics and more are Les Williams, professor of engineering at the University of Virginia, USA and Rebecca Jones, Bloomberg’s Melbourne bureau chief in Australia.

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