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Emerge Education Expands Solution Portfolio to Enhance Enterprise Value and Risk Readiness for 21st Century Higher Education

Camp Hill, PA (May 11, 2017) – Emerge Education, LLC, a leading Education Solutions Provider for colleges and universities competing for 21st Century relevancy, today announced a strategic partnership with Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global that will add a comprehensive risk-transfer capability to its portfolio.

Under the partnership, Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global will curate a wide range of unique solutions tailored for the needs of institutions of higher learning, students, and other key stakeholders. Leveraging Emerge Education’s strategic relationships and in-depth industry knowledge, these solutions will help organizations address the shifting risk landscape and improve resiliency. The solutions will encompass innovative approaches to enterprise risk and organizational resilience that help reduce and better manage the total cost of risk (TCOR), as well as create value-added offerings and differentiation in the intensifying competition for student enrollment and retention.

“As a leading Education Services Provider, our strategic relationship with Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global complements our portfolio of services and solutions for the higher education market. We can now provide institutions with risk management and insurance solutions that are tailored to their specific needs while also bringing best practices from other industries to this space” said Kim Coon, Founder & CEO of Emerge Education.

Risk Cooperative, an innovative strategy, insurance, and risk advisory firm, is able to design, originate, and place all classes of insurance across the U.S. and around the world. Ridge Global, founded and chaired, by Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and the 43rd governor of Pennsylvania, rounds out the suite of risk solutions with advisory, education and technology services focused on risk, readiness and resilience. The partnership envisions enhancing levels of risk readiness and a broader suite of risk transfer options leveraging economies of scale.

“We are truly honored to serve as a strategic partner to Emerge Education and as a frontline implementing partner to the higher education community. Risk knows no boundaries, especially in our times, and colleges and universities face a set of unique challenges that demand an equally innovative response. Partnering with Emerge Education enables us to bring our very best thinking and solutions to this community, helping to enhance overall resilience, and facilitate better access to higher education. Our goal is not singularly to offset complex enterprise risks, like cyber-threats, it is also very much focused on enabling educational institutions to meet their core objective of providing a safe and accessible environment amid a changing risk landscape.” said Dante Disparte CEO of Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global.


About Emerge Education

Emerge Education provides higher education solutions to colleges and universities interested in 21st century relevancy by growing revenues through enrollment. The Pennsylvania-based firm works with its partner institutions by investing its own capital and service resources to support lead generation, marketing and recruiting, allowing its partners to focus on what they do best: educating students. Emerge forges unique partnerships with each client institution, always reaching for more students, higher revenue, less expense. For more information visit

About Risk Cooperative

Risk Cooperative is a specialized strategy, risk, and insurance advisory firm licensed to originate, place, and service innovative risk-transfer and insurance solutions in all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico. Risk Cooperative helps organizations address risk, readiness, and resilience through a comprehensive service and solution offering, in partnership with leading insurance companies and value-adding partners. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., alongside its partner Ridge Global, Risk Cooperative brings together three, often separate disciplines of strategy, risk, and investment to unlock value from risk. For more information visit

About Ridge Global

Cyber attacks, natural disasters, global terrorism, and crime. 21st Century leaders across every sector face the specter and reality of disruption and destruction every day. Founded by Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and 43rd Governor of Pennsylvania, Ridge Global works with C-suite and board executives around the world to reduce enterprise risk, to mitigate cyber challenges, and to build more resilient organizations through innovative preparedness, protection, response and education capabilities.

Working together under the banner of Risk, Readiness, and Resilience, Risk Cooperative and Ridge Global are bringing comprehensive risk management solutions to market. In 2016, Ridge Global named Risk Cooperative as its dedicated partner for insurance and risk transfer solutions. The companies formally integrated strategic leadership and operations in 2017. To learn more, visit

Editorial Contacts:

Kim T. Coon
Emerge Education. LLC

Andres Franzetti, CRM
Risk Cooperative & Ridge Global
Chief Strategy Officer

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