Dante Disparte joins BBC’s Business Matters program hosted by Roger Hearing. Listen now as he comments on Venezuela, Instagram, Brexit, migration and rejection among other topics.

Instagram announces it will ban graphic images of self-harm on the photo sharing app. The response comes after the death of a school girl in the UK whose Instagram account contained distressing material – BuzzFeed’s tech reporter Katie Notopoulos tells us more. Also, Venezuela’s economic woes continue to deepen, as its political crisis escalates and food shortages worsen. In the run up to the Oscar awards ceremony, we speak to Skye Fitzgerald, director of the film Lifeboat, about how many films tackle the subject of migrants. And we visit the thorny world of rejection letters, after an essay by celebrated author George Orwell is finally published – even though it was initially rejected for publication during his life. We discuss all this with live guests Dante Disparte, founder and head of Risk Cooperative in Washington and Jyoti Malhotra, editor of national and strategic affairs at The Print website.

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