Cyber threats continue to cause concern for organizations large and small. While companies continue to work on their resilience and reduce their overall cyber risk, the hard truth is that the adversary may still be successful. Recently, 22 towns across Texas were hit with a ransomware attack, which crippled key city services. These towns are just the latest in a long string of victims — across both the public and private sectors — that have been devastated by cyber attacks.

This begs the question: What types of safeguards are available to help recover from such an attack? One popular option for organizations to manage their cyber risk is by having a cyber insurance policy. CyberVista recently sat down with Les Williams, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Risk Cooperative — a strategy, risk, and insurance advisory firm — to discuss the importance of cyber insurance and what organizations should be looking for in their policies. Take a look at what advice he has to say in this excerpt from the CyberVista subject matter expert interview.