Dollars and Sense is a podcast hosted by David Phillip Greene to continue conversations about making money meaningful following the 2012 publication of his book of the same name.

July’s episode features an in-depth interview with Risk Cooperative’s Chairman, Dante Disparte.


00:00 | Dante outlines Risk Cooperative’s place in the market with an explanation of the meaning of our tagline—Risk. Readiness. Resilience.—followed by a reflection about the decision-making around Risk Cooperative’s launch in late 2014.

07:10 |“Profit and purpose are not competing forces.”

Dante shares how Risk Cooperative has baked in some forward-thinking initiatives to advance social purpose and develop new opportunities.

18:37 | Dante calls out the economic impact of unincorporated risks, like climate risk and cyber risk, that investors and companies are learning the hard way.

22:05 | What’s next for Risk Cooperative? Dante teases thoughts about the future as the organization approaches the 5th Anniversary.