While Russia and the US did not bridge the differences on the Syrian issue at the bilateral talks at the G20 summit in China, Reuters has revealed the details of a possible deal on the resolution of the ongoing conflict. The news agency says it has obtained a copy of a letter from Washington’s Syria envoy – Michael Ratney to the so-called moderate opposition groups, which lays out some of the ceasefire terms. According to Reuters the letter says that the deal – quote – “would oblige Russia to prevent warplanes from bombing areas held by the mainstream opposition, require the withdrawal of Damascus’s forces from a supply route north of Aleppo, and focus on the delivery of humanitarian aid, unhindered by warring sides, to the city’s population”. The agency adds that – quote – “In return, the United States would coordinate with Russia in fighting against al-Qaeda, without elaborating”. Radio Sputnik discussed the Syrian crisis with Daniel Wagner, US Managing Director at risk management firm Risk Cooperative.

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