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In Summary – What’s Driving the M&A Uptick in Health Care

M&A is surging in health care. Les Williams weighs in on the risks and rewards of industry mergers and acquisitions.

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“Health care is like the perfect storm of complex billing, complex staffing, complex operations,” said Les Williams, co-founder and chief revenue officer at Risk Cooperative, in an interview for a piece written by Autumn Demberger at Risk & Insurance®.

This piece is a natural follow up to an article he authored on the topic of changes in the health care industry after Anthem rebranded as ElevanceHealth. It analyzes the trend towards new M&A deals in health care over the last few years.

Key takeaways:
What’s Driving Deals |

After the unprecedented challenges of COVID, health care organizations are looking to formalize operational efficiencies, expand services, and improve financial viability. And they’re turning to M&As to help them solve these problems.

Who’s Behind the Handshake |

The potential for profitability has attracted private equity firms to the health care sector. And, in some cases, their ability to provide a much needed cash infusion into struggling organizations has allowed facilities to continue serving patients.

Risk & Reward |

While economies of scale help reduce operational costs and provide communities with more local treatment options, mistakes made when two systems merge can have life-or-death consequences.

Thoughts for the Industry to Ponder |

Could we see more exclusive health insurance + facility partnerships, like what Kaiser has modeled?

So You Want to Make a Deal |

Due diligence can make or break a proposed deal. It’s imperative that your risk team is involved early to manage risks and liabilities.

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