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In Summary – Employer Help Can Ensure Healthier Truckers, Safer Roads

The vast majority of truck drivers work long hours that can put their health — and the safety of others on the road — at risk. 

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Long-haul truckers face extreme health risks due to their lifestyle, but there are things that can help. Healthier truckers mean fewer claims and safer roads for everyone. One solution is for trucking companies to coordinate with insurance carriers to provide wellness benefits tailored to truckers’ unique needs.

Key takeaways:

Most drivers are paid only when driving. | Loading, unloading, inspections and other tasks are necessary parts of a truckers job – however, most drivers don’t get paid for their time while these activities are taking place. To make a profit, they are increasingly pushed to take long-haul contracts, which increase health risks.

Truckers often face health risks without insurance. | One statistic notes a drastic reduction in life expectancy — 16 years! — for truckers due to health conditions exacerbated by their occupation. While a few large retailers offer generous benefits, most drivers lack adequate coverage to manage their health.

Truck stop wellness programs could be one answer. | Can you imagine truck stop wellness centers with yoga classes and nutritional coaches? If employers and insurance carriers worked together to provide preventative health and wellness care in ways that are accessible to drivers, it would lead to healthier truckers and safer roads for everyone.

Read the full article on Risk & Insurance.

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