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InsureBlocks Episode 46 – A retrospective look on blockchain for 2018

For this episode we were fortuitous to reconnect with Dante Disparte Founder and CEO of Risk Cooperative to look back on how blockchain has evolved in the insurance industry in 2018 and what we can expect for 2019.

What is blockchain?

For the insurance industry, Dante describes blockchain as a bordereau or a ledger that exists simultaneously in an exact form across multiple distributed computer systems. From the outset this creates a level of resilience, a level of tamper proofing that you don’t get from existing technologies today.

Retrospective of blockchain in the insurance industry in 2018

“Still the beginning” is how Dante would characterise blockchain in the insurance industry. In spite of Bitcoin recently celebrating its 10thanniversary, it’s really only been in 2018 that we started seeing large scale enterprise tinkering with blockchain technology.

In January 2018, Dante penned an article “One Thing Is Clear From Davos, Blockchain Is Out Of Beta” in Forbes, where he stated that at least 50% of the Fortune 500 were embarking in deep experimentation with blockchain. 2018 was the year of orientation, and Dante believes that 2019 will be the year of experimentation at scale. 2020 would see the much broader adoption of the technology across asset classes and across industries.

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