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There is a Large Level of Distrust Between Russia and the US on Syria

While Russia and the US did not bridge the differences on the Syrian issue at the bilateral talks at the G20 summit in China, Reuters has revealed the details of a possible deal on the resolution of the ongoing conflict. The news agency says it has obtained a copy of a letter from Washington’s Syria envoy – Michael Ratney to the so-called moderate opposition groups, which lays out some of the ceasefire terms. According to Reuters the letter says that the deal – quote – “would oblige Russia to prevent warplanes from bombing areas held by the mainstream opposition, require the withdrawal of Damascus’s forces from a supply route north of Aleppo, and focus on the delivery of humanitarian aid, unhindered by warring sides, to the city’s population”. The agency adds that – quote – “In return, the United States would coordinate with Russia in fighting against al-Qaeda, without elaborating”. Radio Sputnik discussed the Syrian crisis with Daniel Wagner, US Managing Director at risk management firm Risk Cooperative.

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