In a low interest rate environment, the search for yield is sending investors of all stripes to far flung places and uncharted territories looking for a decent return. These days a “decent” return, implies that you have uncovered some form of magical alchemy that has enabled you to not only beat the market, but to be an early funding source of the next big thing. Sadly, this investment reality is as rare as it sounds. Instead, the broad investment environment looks rather stagnant as if it is operating by rote principles calling for reasonable prudence in these heady times. In the era of cheap money (financial hyperhidrosis if you will), a flight to quality and low interest rates, it is neither the top of the economic pyramid that should draw investor attention nor the bottom, replete with legions of entrepreneurs each with the next big thing. Rather, the real investor Promised Land lies in the hum drum world in the middle.

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