“Risk is everywhere,” says Noah Skillin, MSRM Class of 2018. “It’s in all organizations, and it’s not going away. We live in risky world; it continues growing, and the question of ‘how do you handle risk’ is a question that any organization faces. Adequately managing risk makes organizations resilient and better able to adapt and grow.”

This idea—that risk is inherent in all organizations and the mastery of risk management is a crucial key to a business’s longevity and success—was a key driver in Noah’s decision to seek an advanced degree in risk management. One might argue that he was well on his way to mastery: he had recently co-founded Risk Cooperative, a strategy, risk, and insurance advisory firm, and had experience in the risk management field of more than 10 years. But, he says, “I’ve always had a drive and desire to continue broadening my knowledge, for current and future roles. I saw this as an opportunity to invest in myself.”

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