Enterprise Risk Management


Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a holistic approach that helps organizations build operational resiliency. Implementation of an ERM program can reduce potential losses and risks to an organization as well as facilitate improvements in resource allocation, capital outlay and management decision making. Risk Cooperative works with organizations to develop and implement ERM strategies that are designed to align risk management activities with key business objectives.


  • Benchmarking and Gap Analysis
  • Risk Identification and Assessments
  • Risk Analysis and Evaluations
  • Risk Appetite and Threshold Development
  • Risk Reporting and Monitoring
  • ERM Framework Design and Implementation

The Risk Cooperative ERM methodology is designed to help provide effective and proactive risk management and mitigation. This ensures all components of the ERM program work well together, across divisions and in conjunction with the organization’s overall strategy. This process helps to clearly define roles and responsibilities, so that policies and procedures can be best implemented and utilized across the entire enterprise. Lastly, this model helps to develop a standardized risk lexicon and rating methodology. Our ERM Consulting provides a common language and understanding that enables more efficient and effective decision making, as well as stakeholder management within the organization.

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