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Risk Cooperative and DoseSmart Form Strategic Alliance to Combat Non-Adherence

The DoseSmart innovative medical device addresses $300 billion dollar prescription non-adherence problem
Washington, D.C. April 1, 2015

– Risk Cooperative has partnered with DoseSmart, a California based medical device manufacturer with a new and innovative smart pill dispenser. Via its patented design the DoseSmart smart pill dispenser leverages technology to remind users to take their prescriptions, control dosage, monitor dosing, as well as record and transmit data to medical providers and loved ones. Via this partnership, Risk Cooperative will assist DoseSmart with all aspects of its commercialization, from strategy to fundraising.

DoseSmart’s unique design helps address the many risks that cause non-adherence, prescription abuse, as well as excessive costs. With nearly half of patients not taking their prescribed medications, non-adherence has become a $300 billion epidemic representing 33% to 69% of medically related hospital admissions. Using Bluetooth technology, the DoseSmart dispenser connects to smart phones, and/or computers to create electronic alerts and reminders, as well as records of dosing adherence. With each missed dosage, email notifications are sent to both family and medical practitioners helping to mitigate complications with continued missed doses.

“DoseSmart provides a solution to a systemic problem amongst prescription users”, said Dante Disparte, Founder and CEO of Risk Cooperative. “DoseSmart has the potential to reduce health spending, insurance costs and provide savings in the medical system while saving lives. This is the very core of Risk Cooperative’s mission where profit and purpose are not in conflict.”

“Risk Cooperative brings expertise in insurance, risk management and in the capital markets, which are integral lynch pins to effectively combating non-adherence,” said Hale Kpetigo, Co-Founder and CEO of DoseSmart. “This partnership will allow us to achieve our goal of reducing overall health spending due to non-adherence, and deliver a lifesaving solution to the millions of individuals taking prescription medications.”

About Risk Cooperative

Risk Cooperative is a specialized strategy, risk and capital management firm founded around the question of what people would do in a world without risk? With this guiding principle, Risk Cooperative addresses the most pressing strategic questions of market expansion and innovation, strives to remove risk from management decisions and works to level the playing field for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the capital markets. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., alongside the American Security Project, Risk Cooperative stands on three often separate disciplines of strategy, risk and investment, bringing them together as a part of our methodology to unlock value from risk.

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About DoseSmart

DoseSmart Inc. is a California-based mobile health technology company that is building a stronger healthcare community, one pill at a time. Using patented technology and health management software, DoseSmart Inc. keeps patients safe and provides valuable, real-time data insight.

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