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Risk Cooperative Invests in National Risk Placement Capabilities

Expanding insurance licensing across the U.S., as well as in D.C. and Puerto Rico Creates National Risk Placement Platform

Washington, D.C. July 19, 2016 – Risk Cooperative, a specialized insurance and risk advisory firm completes investment in creating a national risk placement platform. Completing regulatory approval to write insurance nationally, including in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, positions Risk Cooperative as a highly scalable company capable of supporting customers across the U.S. and around the world with essential risk and insurance solutions.

This investment combined with the subsequent regulatory approvals enables Risk Cooperative to accelerate the design and placement of innovative insurance programs on a national scale. Bringing essential coverage, peace of mind and insurance access to underserved markets while responding to complex risks will help improve resilience in targeted practice areas. From forming integrated responses to cyber risk, to bringing the best of data analytics for building resilient communities, Risk Cooperative’s global insurance market access combined with this national platform will help drive lasting value to all stakeholders.

Capable of placing all lines of insurance, Risk Cooperative will continue to partner with top tier insurance companies in the U.S. in designing globally reinsured yet nationally admitted solutions that improve risk appetite and coverage conditions for customers. “Risk may be an unforeseen event, resilience is something that requires pre-investment and foresight. To this end, we have taken steps to nationalize our risk placement capabilities as well as expand our range of partnerships in bringing much needed innovation and greater market access across the country,” said Dante Disparte, Risk Cooperative’s founder and CEO.

With this national capability in place, Risk Cooperative expands its practice areas to include the public sector as well as academic institutions, where thoughtful risk management can help build a more resilient society.

About Risk Cooperative

Risk Cooperative is a specialized strategy, risk and capital management firm founded around the question, what would you do in a world without risk? With this guiding principle, Risk Cooperative addresses the most pressing strategic questions of market expansion and innovation, strives to remove risk from management decisions and works to level the playing field for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the capital markets. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., alongside the American Security Project, Risk Cooperative stands on three often separate disciplines of strategy, risk and investment, bringing them together as a part of our methodology to unlock value from risk.
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