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Risk Cooperative Launches Fast Cycle Apprenticeship Program

Apprentices partner with senior leaders in real world projects obtaining a state insurance license as a capstone

Washington, D.C. September 26, 2015 – Risk Cooperative, a specialized strategy, risk and capital management firm announces the launch of an innovative apprenticeship program.  This program is designed to provide a rigorous 90 day experience where apprentices will work in close collaboration with Risk Cooperative’s leadership.  Working on real world projects transfers universal skills in primary research, project management, negotiation and the global business environment.  As a capstone to the program, successful candidates will be sponsored by Risk Cooperative to train for and pass their state insurance exam in one class of insurance, or to complete one course in a relevant certification, such as project or risk management.  Once licensed, apprentices have a valuable, transferable skill that is highly sought after in the market.

Apprenticeships are a key pathway for meaningful skills transfer and access to career options and professional networks.  Dante Disparte, Risk Cooperative’s founder and CEO indicated that “there are few true professions left where an individual’s advice supersedes that of their sponsoring organization.  Doctors, lawyers, accountants and brokers are among this rare category.  Our apprenticeship program is designed to provide a rigorous, fast-paced experience where the skills and certifications that are transferred cannot be taken away from our colleagues whether they stay with our firm or move on.”

With so many career pathways blocked, apprenticeships, particularly fast-cycle programs like Risk Cooperative’s, can help boost an aspiring professional’s career choices and improve national competitiveness.  “We hope this fast-cycle apprenticeship model serves as an example to our peers, particularly among larger firms, who can take on many more apprentices in this type of approach” added Dante Disparte.  Risk Cooperative is expected to launch this program in the fourth quarter of 2015 and to accelerate this model with the growth of the firm.

About Risk Cooperative

Risk Cooperative is a specialized strategy, risk and capital management firm founded around the question of what people would do in a world without risk? With this guiding principle, Risk Cooperative addresses the most pressing strategic questions of market expansion and innovation, strives to remove risk from management decisions and works to level the playing field for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the capital markets. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., alongside the American Security Project, Risk Cooperative stands on three often separate disciplines of strategy, risk and investment, bringing them together as a part of our methodology to unlock value from risk.

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