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Unlocking Investment Opportunities

On March 20th, Dante Disparte was a part of a MOOC for the World Bank Group’s Financing for Development program. The title of the broadcast is: Unlocking Investment Opportunities

Moderator: Diane Damskey, Adviser, Office of the Managing Director and World Bank Group
Teresa Barger, CEO and cofounder, Cartica Capital
Dante Disparte, CEO and founder, Risk Cooperative

How to achieve the SDGs
In this clip, Dante shares his perspective on how development institutions must evolve to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Convergence of organizational and country risk
In this section, the intersection of organizational and country risk is described.


The end of the “long-armed” investor
In an interconnected world, vicarious liability is a real challenge for investors.


Political risk insurance
Spreading risk reduces the likelihood of political risk insurance being inaccessible and costly due to adverse selection


The future of development finance
The importance of mobilizing capital in countries that may be deemed higher risk


De-risking strategies
Many of the worst case scenarios in higher risk areas can be insured


Lack of information
On opaque markets and the absence of market information


Diseconomies of scale
Large asset holders are only looking at very big projects meeting specific criteria


Company conduct
A discussion around investor and company conduct in fragile states, and how oftentimes investments may not lead to broader development

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