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In Summary – An Uptick in Health Care M&As is Just What the Doctor Ordered. Here’s One Risk Expert’s Prescription.

Expanding their value proposition, Anthem is the most recent health insurance provider to rebrand and reposition their role for consumers.  

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Anthem BCBS is diversifying its positioning in the marketplace by rebranding itself as ElevanceHealth Inc.  But, a quick inspection of the healthcare industry shows that Anthem is not alone in the quest to broaden its value proposition via technology.

Key takeaways:

Whole-Health Approach | Anthem has undertaken several acquisitions recently in order to address health drivers beyond traditional treatment models.

Follow the Leader | This announcement follows the example of previous mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare space that have allowed carriers such as Aetna, UHC and Cigna to leverage technology as a means of improving care by making it easier to connect with providers and schedule services, as well as data analytics that help with diagnostics and treatments.

Vertical Integration | There is a trend toward consolidation of health-related services into a carrier eco-system,  like nutrition, home-based care (including nursing and telehealth), and behavioral health offered alongside traditional medical care providers.

Focus on Prevention | Many carriers are focused on acquiring platforms that offer accessible, preventative care that can help reduce medical costs and improve outcomes.

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Read the full article on Risk & Insurance

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