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In Summary – Check the Temperature, the Work Climate is Changing

How can employers support the paradigm shift in how employees feel about work, while maintaining standards of service and productivity?  

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The Great Resignation, where roughly 33 million Americans have left their jobs in the past year, has caused employers to change how they structure the work environment to improve employee satisfaction in their work and life.

Key takeaways:

Work from Home | Even as WFH has become the norm, some employees are opting to live an international lifestyle while working remotely. Employers who embrace flexible schedules and telework will be more competitive in this job market.

Empowerment is Key | Monetary incentives are simply not enough. Organizations need to foster employee empowerment and one way to do that is to ensure that the scope of employee benefits is aligned with a healthy work/life culture.

Take a Temperature Check | Get a read on your employee satisfaction with a mid-year check-in. Addressing concerns to retain talent is far more cost effective than onboarding new employees.

Our Attitude Makes a Difference | With an epidemic of mental health challenges exacerbated by current events, access to wellness and mental health services is key to an engaged, productive workforce. Ensuring appropriate services are available and that employees are educated about them goes far in promoting a positive employee relationship.

Read the full article on Risk & Insurance

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