Listen Here  Andres Franzetti, CEO, was featured on BBC’s Business Matters. Listen as he covers pressing global issues.

Russia has said it will “drastically reduce combat operations” during negotiations in Turkey and financial markets reacted positively to the news. President Biden’s top official on sanctions says companies have a choice to make on whether they continue to do business in Russia.

The war in Ukraine is halting moves to limit the use of palm oil, which causes deforestation in Asia, as the price of one alternative, sunflower oil, has increased massively since the conflict began. Talks in Geneva to reverse the loss of nature and halt extinctions are in their final day; Patrick Greenfield, biodiversity reporter for the Guardian, and Dr Noelle Kumpel, head of policy for Birdlife International, share thoughts on the progress.

Throughout the show will be insights from Andres Franzetti, Chief Executive Officer at Risk Cooperative, in Washington DC, and Sinead Mangan, presenter of the ABC radio program ‘Australia Wide’ in Perth.