On October 13th, Dante Disparte was a featured panelist on The World Bank Group and Blockchain Trust Accelerator’s Blockchain Summit, hosted by the New America Foundation.

Moderator – Tomicah Tilleman, Co-Founder, BTA
John Wolpert – ConsenSys
Susan David Carevic – World Bank Group
Dante Disparte – CEO, Risk Cooperative
Michael Casey – MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative

Full Panel

Cyber Risk and Digital Identity
In this clip, Dante discusses blockchain’s potential use in creating a digital identity.

Long Range Risks and Opportunities
In this clip, Dante discusses future risks and opportunities for blockchain technology.

Puerto Rico – Build Back Better
In this clip, Dante discusses how blockchain technology can help Puerto Rico build back better.

Unintended Consequences
In this clip, Dante discusses unintended consequences of the growth of blockchain technology.