Private Client Practice

The lines between risk and reward have blurred, as have the lines between private wealth and enterprise/portfolio value. Risk Cooperative and RCM&D have partnered to offer a reimagined private client experience that brings a comprehensive advisory, risk management and risk transfer capability to high net worth individuals. Our team provides a cost effective and stable approach to reduce uncertainty across personal risks, tangible and intangible assets, reputational harm, privacy, as well as wealth preservation and succession. Offering integrated, concierge-style risk advisory, insurance and risk-transfer across all asset classes, our Private Client Practice provides peace of mind worldwide to thousands of discerning risk-aware individuals.

360° Risk Assessments

Comprehensive audits of existing assets, risk exposures and coverage benchmarking to create a customized suite of recommendations.

Concierge Service

Peace of mind worldwide for the discerning and the discrete, including concierge services, risk consultations and advisory support.

Coverage Design

Tailored insurance solutions exclusively designed to afford maximum protection across assets and personal security worldwide.

Digital Asset Protection

Protection against digital asset theft, cyber extortion and social engineering through coverages including remediation, restoration and forensic support.


Insurance company negotiation, coverage placement and ongoing management to reflect changes in assets, lifestyle and the global risk landscape.

Cyber / Personal Security

Insurance, crisis response and remediation for personalized protection against the growing specter of cyber threats, extortion, kidnaping and reputational harm.

Comprehensive insurance for everything you care about, own and are invested in.

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