RC Labs

RC Labs is Risk Cooperative’s innovation center, where our team works on advanced research projects to launch pioneering fintech and insuretech solutions. The RC Labs team leverages cutting-edge technology platforms and partnerships with leading academic institutions to develop better ways of addressing new and emerging risk classes and improve the overall management and delivery of risk transfer solutions.

RC Labs was developed to create a portfolio of proprietary programs focused on blockchain and the digital transformation of the $5.5 trillion dollar risk transfer industry. RC Labs solutions include:

Advanced Research

Risk Cooperative’s proprietary, evidenced-based approach to innovation identified unmet market needs and breakthrough delivery methods.


Embedding insurance at the software, product or service layer, Risk Cooperative’s breakthrough approach offers massive scalability, product differentiation and risk diversification.

Rapid Prototyping

In partnership with the world’s leading insurers and technology firms, Risk Cooperative’s lab employs a proven scientific method of rapid prototyping across the insurance value chain.

Intellectual Property / Portfolio

With a portfolio of proprietary products, structured as stand-alone investments, Risk Cooperative’s intellectual capital and product portfolio is far reaching, including cyber solutions, physical security and payments.

Blockchain Applications

As a pioneer in the blockchain space, Risk Cooperative leverages real-world applications of blockchain, building value chain efficiencies and trust, while piloting self-sovereign and parametric offerings.

100 Rapid Prototyping with Breakthrough Technologies

Selected Proprietary Innovations:

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