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Business Matters – Amazon is Now the World’s Most Valuable Public Company link

Dante Disparte was featured live on tonight’s broadcast of BBC News Business Matters. Topics include Amazon, the global economy, technology, talent, autism, and the government shutdown among others. Amazon, formed 25 years ago, has eclipsed Microsoft to become the world’s most valuable listed company. The online giant was worth $797bn when the US stock market closed on Monday after rising 3.4% and moved past Microsoft, valued at $789bn. Cynthia Stine of E-Growth partners gives her perspective on the role of Amazon’s Marketplace in the company’s ascent. Then we hear how cannabis farmers in those US states where growing is legal are being squeezed back into the black market by over saturation. Also in the programme, the World Bank’s annual report ...

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BBC World Service: Business Matters, Russian Activist Pleads Guilty in US link

CEO, Dante Disparte featured on BBC’s Business Matters. Listen now as he covers: Russia, Saudi Arabia Oil, Canada, Huawei and Blurred Lines among other topics. A Russian woman accused in the US of acting as an agent for the Kremlin to infiltrate political groups has pleaded guilty in a deal with prosecutors. Gun rights activist Maria Butina allegedly tried to infiltrate the National Rifle Association (NRA) in an effort to influence US policies in favor of Moscow. The National Rifle Association is one of the most powerful lobby groups in the US – closely aligned to senior Republican politicians including President Trump. She said she had acted under direction of a senior Russian official. Polly Mosendz is firearms industry reporter ...

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US Sets up Agency for Development in Africa link

Washington has set up an agency dedicated to renewed efforts aimed at contributing to the development of the African continent. Created under the ‘Build Act’, the US Senate approved the act with a majority vote of 93 to 6. Now, this has been described by some analysts as the US response to China’s growing influence in Africa, especially since the act would see the creation of a financial institution- International Development Finance Corporation (IDFC). So, what does the ‘Build Act’ entail? When does it commence and of what impact would it make? Dante Alighieri Disparte is the founder and CEO of Risk Cooperative based in Washington DC USA joins Africanews to discuss. Watch Here

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BBC World Service: Business Matters link

CEO, Dante Disparte featured on BBC’s Business Matters. Listen now as he covers: quantitative squeezing, online gaming (and (re)branding among other topics. Jerome Powell, the chairman of America’s central bank has announced the decision to put up the cost of borrowing in the US. We get analysis from David Wessel, a senior fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution in the US. Many video games let players using a PC, Nintendo or Microsoft Xbox play together online. But Sony had blocked Playstation users from competing across platforms, infuriating gamers. It’s now relented and Steven Messner from the website PC Gamer explains why. Maritime workers spend months at sea, affecting their mental health. The Seafarers Society says the impacts could ...

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BBC World Service | Business Matters Political Risk link

British Airways and Air France will stop flights to Tehran from next month, saying the route is no longer commercially viable. While the move is supposedly unrelated to the US move to return to sanctions against the Islamic Republic, Iran’s increasing isolation is inevitably part of the decision. Long hours and hard sales techniques are putting off millennials from working at car dealerships. Amy Wilson, an editor at Automotive News in Atlanta explains more. We bring you the latest reaction to allegations of campaign finance violations linked to President Trump. And, a price fixing scandal has caused outrage in Chile. The item in question? Toilet paper. Throughout the programme, presenter Roger Hearing is joined by Korea commentator Jasper Kim in ...

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BBC World Service | Business Matters link

Google Hit With Record €4.3bn Android Fine The EU has fined Google €4.3bn over its Android mobile phone operating system. Massimiliano Trovato of the Istituto Bruno Leoni free market think tank in Milan explains why he’s concerned about the ruling’s implications. Gabriel Weinberg CEO and Founder of Duck Duck Go, a search engine gives us his reaction. Also, how is online streaming transforming the music industry? The BBC’s Edwin Lane brings us a report. Britain’s luxury carmaker, Aston Martin, has unveiled plans for a personal aircraft which it calls a “sports car for the skies”. A flying car which the US aviation authority says you don’t require a pilots’ license. And we discuss the TV adaptation of Batwoman becoming the ...

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Tech Tuesday: Twitter Purge and Facial Recognition Technology link

Risk Cooperative CEO, Dante Disparte featured on All Sides with Ann Fisher Twitter has purged more than 70 million fake accounts in an effort to restore trust in its platform, and in the process costing politicians, celebrities, and other personalities a few thousand to millions of followers following the purge. The purged accounts are part of the controversy surrounding the online spread of fake news and misinformation. On Tech Tuesday, we talk about why the purge matters. We also learn more about why Microsoft is calling for regulation of facial-recognition software. Guests: Dante Disparte, founder and CEO, Risk Cooperative Drew Harwell, national technology reporter, Washington Post Russell Holly, contributing editor, Android Central Listen Now

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Risk Cooperative Leads University Risk Management Summit at Harvard standard

  On June 8th, Risk Cooperative, in partnership with Control Risks and Harvard University’s Risk Management Department, hosted the inaugural Incident Management Workshop on the campus of Harvard Business School. The workshop attendees were comprised of colleges and universities, and the goal of the workshop was for the universities to network with other schools and foster discussions about different approaches to risk management issues affecting colleges and universities. The event began with a brief welcome from Walter Pizzano, Harvard’s Director of Risk Strategy & Insurance, followed by an overview of the global risk landscape. Strategies to both prevent and manage active shooter situations on campus, along with addressing international kidnappings, were discussed given the current domestic and global threat landscapes. ...

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