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Risk Cooperative Presents Cyber 360° to InfraGard standard

Given the highly systemic nature of cyber and increasingly interconnected world we are living in, organizations can no longer afford to focus on merely being cyber compliant. They must now evaluate all facets of their business to ensure operational and cyber resiliency. CONTRIBUTE TO THE SURVEY AND RECEIVE  AN UPDATED REPORT:  360° Cyber Risk Survey Exposing Cyber Vulnerabilities | Risk Cooperative outlines a current “state of cyber risk”, sources of risk and averaged survivability statistics for small businesses. Cyber risk assessments form the foundation of an organization’s risk mitigation strategy by not only developing organizational cybersecurity awareness, but also by identifying an organization’s unique vulnerabilities. Mitigating Cyber Threats | Risk Cooperative addresses best practices for protecting sensitive information, staff training, ...

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How to Choose Your Broker standard

In How to Choose a Broker our experts share insider tips on what great brokers do to arm their clients with the information they need to serve their employees and protect their businesses. They cover: • Best practices for broker/client communications • What your broker can do to save you money on employee benefits • Resources your broker can offer to support regulatory compliance • How your broker can help you manage the administration of your benefits package • The value of utilizing a broker that can handle all lines of insurance • How a broker can help address risk across business operations • Questions about pandemic resiliency and recovery It can be quite costly – in time, money, and opportunity – to stay with a broker ...

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Universities at Risk: A Virtual Town Hall standard

How are you preparing your academic institution to operate successfully in the wake of COVID-19?  Many academic institutions are reasonably focused on the hurdle of reopening safely for the fall 2020 semester. But, it is imperative to not only evaluate how to protect the health of their students, faculty and staff. You must also consider how to protect the schools' financial health as various revenue streams continue to be impacted. Have you asked your team: Have we mapped the organizations' revenue streams and the risks they face? How can we mitigate damages from cancelled events or travel programs? How might our international student community be impacted by political risk? Do we have effective enterprise risk management strategies in place? Have we prepared for challenges that go beyond ...

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COVID-19: 8 Critical Things Your Business Should Be Doing Right Now standard

As COVID-19 continues to force businesses and society into uncertainty, companies may be wondering what actions they can take to address the ever-emerging risks they face. Dan Reynolds, editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance®, talks with Les Williams CRM, co-founder and chief revenue officer of Risk Cooperative about the risks surrounding COVID-19 and what actions businesses should be taking to mitigate them and what the future could look like when we eventually return to the ...

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The Telework Playbook: A Virtual Townhall standard

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged organizations to create accessible and productive remote workplaces on short notice. As organizations confront the business continuity pressures the pandemic has brought, the rapid adjustment to telework is exposing critical risks. Has your team answered these questions? Do we have the right cybersecurity measures in place? Have we educated our staff on current cyber threats and cyber hygiene? Do we know if our cyber insurance policy applies to telecommuters? How can we best support struggling clients and employees? What is the plan for office re-entry once the crisis has passed?  Risk Cooperative’s Chief Revenue Officer, Les Williams, was joined by Austin Berglas, BlueVoyant’s Global Head of Professional Services to outline the scope of ...

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CyberVista: Executive Briefing on Cyber Insurance video

Cyber threats continue to cause concern for organizations large and small. While companies continue to work on their resilience and reduce their overall cyber risk, the hard truth is that the adversary may still be successful. Recently, 22 towns across Texas were hit with a ransomware attack, which crippled key city services. These towns are just the latest in a long string of victims — across both the public and private sectors — that have been devastated by cyber attacks. This begs the question: What types of safeguards are available to help recover from such an attack? One popular option for organizations to manage their cyber risk is by having a cyber insurance policy. CyberVista recently sat down with Les ...

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Podcast: Dollars and Sense standard

Dollars and Sense is a podcast hosted by David Phillip Greene to continue conversations about making money meaningful following the 2012 publication of his book of the same name. July’s episode features an in-depth interview with Risk Cooperative’s Chairman, Dante Disparte. Highlights 00:00 | Dante outlines Risk Cooperative’s place in the market with an explanation of the meaning of our tagline—Risk. Readiness. Resilience.—followed by a reflection about the decision-making around Risk Cooperative’s launch in late 2014. 07:10 |“Profit and purpose are not competing forces.” Dante shares how Risk Cooperative has baked in some forward-thinking initiatives to advance social purpose and develop new opportunities. 18:37 | Dante calls out the economic impact of unincorporated risks, like climate risk and cyber risk, that investors ...

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Business Matters – Vegan Burger Firm Shares Soar standard

Shares in the plant-based burger company Beyond Meat surge after a strong quarterly report – the company was trading at four times its launch price shortly after announcing results. We also look at the fairness of pay in football – or lack of it. Russia’s Minister of Economic Development says that without investment, Russia could go into recession by 2021 – we analyse the risk and realities. CEO, Dante Disparte joined the broadcast and discussed: meatless burgers, industrial perils, political risks, investing in Russia, burn out, risk and an honorable mention of his upcoming keynote at the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies annual event. Listen Here

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Business Matters – US economy surges 3.2 percent in first quarter standard

The US economy grew at an annualised rate of 3.2% in the first three months of the year. Heather Long, Washington Post Economics Correspondent, tells us what’s behind the latest figures and whether the economy is likely to continue to grow at this rate. Also in the programme, ride-hailing firm Uber has revealed it hopes to be worth up to $91bn in an upcoming stock market flotation. Adam Lashinsky, author of Wild Ride: Inside Uber’s Quest for World Domination explains why the valuation is lower than was expected. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced she and French President Macron will convene a meeting to deal with extremist and violent material on social media, in the wake of the ...

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