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Stop Bashing the Aviation Industry. Risk Managers Can Learn an Important Lesson From Its Response to the Boeing Crashes link

In October 2018, a Boeing 737 Max 8 Lion Air jet crashed shortly after takeoff from Jakarta claiming the lives of 189 people. Just last week, a similar model aircraft flying under the Ethiopian Airlines banner plunged from the sky killing all 157 souls on board. The accidents occurred just five months apart, but the aftershocks reverberated around the globe. Both planes experienced similar problems shortly after takeoff, their noses oscillating rapidly, rendering the planes helpless as they plunged from the sky. What happened between March 11 and March 13, 2019 is an important lesson for risk managers globally. On March 11, The Civil Aviation Administration of China ordered all airlines operating Boeing 737 Max models to ground the planes ...

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The College Admission Conspiracy Is Education’s Madoff Moment link

The scope, scale and cunning of the college admission conspiracy that has embroiled more than 50 elites, including Hollywood stars Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, CEOs, prominent lawyers and others, is nothing short of higher education’s Bernie Madoff moment. Madoff, a crestfallen Wall Street investment titan spent more than 30 years “besting” the market, in what was later revealed to be nothing more than an eye-watering $65 billion Ponzi scheme. Like the FBI investigation that unraveled the complex web of college admission cheaters who benefited from a coordinated network of corrupt college officials, prominent coaches, shadow test takers and proctors all working under the coordination of William Rick Singer as their ring leader, deals a painful blow to the American ...

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Washington Post: The Technology 202: 2020 candidate Klobuchar wants to tax big tech companies’ on data use link

Presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) is again taking aim at Big Tech — this time with an audacious idea to tax big technology companies when they share users’ data. But critics are skeptical that such a proposal would be feasible. As privacy scandals mount at firms such as Facebook, Klobuchar is positioning her data tax as a way to make technology companies think twice about how they share and profit from users’ data. Klobuchar floated the idea at the South by Southwest festival and a privacy hearing this week on Capitol Hill, suggesting that revenue from sucha levy could be used to pay for cybersecurity protections. But implementing such an idea might be difficult, experts noted. Taxing data means ...

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Kaleido’s Enterprise Blockchain: One Cloud, No Borders link

You know the enterprise blockchain wars are heating up when a ConsenSys enterprise blockchain startup, Kaleido, partners with not one, but two technology majors that collectively comprise 80% of public cloud infrastructure. Kaleido, which aims to make the entire enterprise blockchain journey from concept to deployment “point and click” simple, now adds Microsoft Azure to the cloud platforms it supports, on top of the previously announced support for Amazon AWS. With this move, which was announced at SXSW in Austin, enterprise blockchain adoption is liable to accelerate and move down market to veritable “blockchain desserts,” that can now contemplate developing consortia and user groups without having to dispense with preferred technology infrastructure and cloud standards they favor. As many early ...

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Smart Dubai, Building The Happiest City On Earth link

t was a fitting scene, on a fitting day, at a fitting place to sit down for an exclusive interview with Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr and her colleague Zeina El Kaissi, respectively the Director General and the head of emerging technology for Smart Dubai. We sat down for a conversation at the World Bank Group on International Women’s Day. Dubai, the modern archetype of an advanced city-state has dispatched a worthy emissary in Dr. Aisha to tell a gathering at the World Bank about her experiences in leading Dubai’s now 15-year-old digital transformation journey. Following this diverse audience at the World Bank, their next stop is SXSW in Austin, to share the outcomes of building the happiest place on earth ...

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9 Pathways to Diversity Innovation and Better Strategic Risk Governance link

The imperative to equip the governance bodies of companies with diverse directors has never been higher – how the U.S. gets there is up for grabs. The EU has already made up its mind that this will be achieved through quotas. Other regions and countries like Canada require explanations of why diversity is low or does not exist. In the U.S., we have the first instance of a state establishing quotas – California – and where California leads other states often follow. Regardless of external regulatory or market pressures to move the needle on board diversity and inclusion, people see through half-hearted, check-the-box efforts. Rather, companies and their boards, must view their closer approximation to the diversity in society as ...

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IBM X-Force Red Launches Blockchain Cybersecurity Service link

IBM, a global leader in technology services spanning hardware, software and cybersecurity, has deployed its considerable cybersecurity SWAT team, X-Force Red, to the growing enterprise blockchain arena. While blockchain as a core technology is resilient by design, wherein the public blockchain underpinning bitcoin transactions has not been hacked at the protocol level since its launch in 2008. Nevertheless, the rapid growth of enterprise blockchain projects will plug this pioneering technology into otherwise vulnerable systems and processes – all prone to human error and the massively interconnected and rapidly evolving cyber risk landscape. Anticipating $10 billion in enterprise blockchain investments by 2021, IBM, whose commercial quantum computing capabilities could theoretically break blockchain, at once aims to make this critical technology more ...

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Oracle: On The World’s Data Lake, A Blockchain Swan link

With a tempering of blockchain fanfare as the technology crested the peak of the hype cycle, Oracle’s two-year-old foray into the blockchain domain may have gone largely unnoticed. Especially as it might have been dismissed as a copy cat or catch up move, as yet another large technology firm converted to the blockchain gospel like Microsoft and IBM before it. Oracle’s move, however, comes with a very different asset base, for which it is starting to realize gains from its blockchain offering. If the wellspring of all digital transformation is an enterprise’s data lake and how it connects across markets and stakeholders, then Oracle, the world’s largest database provider with number one positions in virtually every industry, has not only ...

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Democracy’s Digitize or Die Moment link

Fewer places offer a more compelling (and urgent) case for digital transformation than the affairs and functioning of states and cities. The world over, national and municipal governments continue to labor with a maelstrom of complex forces, from the wafting embers of populism to the new phenomenon of millennial socialism, set against a backdrop of trust eroding cyber distortions, governments will be hard pressed to mount a meaningful response without embracing technology. This change will require a type of uncommon leadership in the public square and an uncomfortable embrace of transparency, real-time accountability, reduced complexity and friction in the provision of citizen services. The case for the emergence of a digital state is not only compelling, it may very well ...

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