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Risk Matters Semi-Annual | Spring 2021 link

As one of the few minority-owned and operated brokerages in the insurance industry, diversity, equity, and inclusion is a topic we focus on daily. It is not simply a “check the box” function but rather a pathway for building competitive advantage, operational resiliency, and ultimately risk agility. In this issue of Risk Matters we dive deeper into the impacts DEI has on an organization, from key risk pitfalls to avoid to upside advantages. Additionally, we speak firsthand with two very different professionals who are both changing their industry in profound ways. Read online, or download.    Stay informed. Our Insights Newsletter highlights the latest news and analysis on global strategy, policy and risk.  Subscribe to ...

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Risk Matters Semi-Annual | Winter 2020 link

In the final days of 2020, we reflect on the challenges this year has brought and the ways these disruptions have highlighted our collective vulnerability to complex risk issues, as well as the fragility of the global economy.  In this issue of Risk Matters, we look at how to better prepare for these uncertainties, creating more risk agility for organizations by leveraging insurance solutions, and creating more access to these programs. To ensure we apply the 2020 lessons learned, we must change our enterprise risk management approaches to leverage the abundant liquidity available in the insurance markets to limit the taxpayer burden, fuel growth and close the protection gap. Read online, or download.    Stay informed. Our Insights Newsletter highlights the latest ...

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Levick eBook Series, Volume 5 | Cybersecurity & Privacy standard

The newest volume of the Levick eBook series features a collection of articles and broadcast sessions around the topics of cybersecurity and privacy. Risk Cooperative CEO Andres Franzetti spoke with Richard Levick in a session of What’s Working in Washington called True Costs of Hacking about the real impact of hacking, collateral damage, the integrity of information, and the real costs of cybersecurity. Read online, or download.   Subscribe to Insights Newsletter

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21st Century Diplomacy: Foreign Policy Is Climate Policy standard

Because foreign policy is climate policy, climate change is poised to upend the 21st century world order. It will redefine how we live and work, and change the systems of production, trade, economics, and finance. Yet, the world is woefully underprepared for climate change’s cascading impacts. COVID-19 has only underscored the inadequacy of our responses to global crises and heightened the urgency of this call to action. 21st century diplomacy will have to raise climate ambition, shape the transformative systems change needed, and promote and facilitate new modes of multilateral collaboration. To chart a new course forward, the Wilson Center and adelphi invited a diverse set of foreign policy leaders, analysts, and thematic experts from around the globe to elucidate ...

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