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As Cyber Risk increasingly becomes the most common threat, cyber risk insurance helps defray the costs of a breach and offers vital remediation and mitigation support during the recovery phase. Risk Cooperative understands that each organization has its own unique cyber risk profile, and an out of the box solution may not work. Our cyber specialist team has worked to develop a suite of cyber insurance and risk transfer solutions that can be customized to meet specific client needs.


Stand-Alone Cyber Insurance | Provides comprehensive liability coverage and breach response resources helping organizations manage and mitigate a cyber breach event. Key coverage components include:

Security and Privacy Liability Coverage (Including Employee Privacy): Damages and claims expense payments from either a security wrongful act, privacy breach or security breach

Security Breach Response Coverage: A breach response panel of specialist resources to respond to a cyber intrusion resulting in a security breach or privacy breach

Security Breach Assessment: Coverage for analysis of systems following a security breach with respect to personal, non-public information

Multimedia Liability: Coverage for damages and expenses legally obligated to pay arising out of a multimedia wrongful act

Privacy Regulatory Claims Coverage: Coverage resulting in regulatory claim arising out of a privacy breach or security breach

PCI-DSS Assessment Coverage: Coverage for amounts legally obligated to pay as a PCI DSS Assessment resulting from a security breach

Cyber Extortion Coverage: Reimbursement for cyber extortion expenses and payments directly resulting from a cyber extortion threat

Business Income Interruption: Coverage for income earnings loss sustained during a period of restoration resulting directly from a network disruption

Reputational Harm Loss: Coverage for reputational harm, earnings loss and/or expenses loss sustained during a period of restoration resulting directly from a network disruption

Digital Asset Restoration Costs: Reimbursement for the restoration costs incurred due to the alteration, destruction, damage, or loss of digital assets

Technology E&O

Intellectual Property Infringement

Cyber Stop Loss | For organizations, governments, states or municipalities requiring a customized higher limit program, Risk Cooperative is able to design cyber stop loss solutions. These are designed to work with an organizations risk appetite and threshold as it relates to cyber risk, taking into account the overall cybersecurity framework and technology stack into the underwriting determination. This approach enables us to design coverage for even the most challenging industry clients.

Cyber Warranty and Indemnification | Risk Cooperative has pioneered a unique new cyber warranty and indemnification solution designed to work alongside cybersecurity technology firms and managed service providers. Our team’s expertise in the cybersecurity domain allows us to vet the efficacy of cybersecurity technology platforms and managed service providers, and then design a customized cyber insurance program to work alongside their offering. This program is a highly customized and consultative engagement designed to integrate seamlessly into our partners business model. Our cyber warranty and indemnification program enable players in the crowded cybersecurity market to differentiate themselves from competitors and deliver added value for their customers.

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