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Organizations the world over struggle with how to properly manage and quantify their cyber risk. As the world becomes more digitized and interconnected, cyber risks will only continue to grow. From the more traditional cyber breaches, data exfiltration, ransomware and extortion attacks to more recently developed deep fakes and social engineering programs aimed at defrauding and stealing from organizations, the cyber landscape only continues to grow more complex. Cyber-attacks can put smaller companies out of business, and cause significant business interruptions, regulatory and privacy issues, reputational damage and more.

Risk Cooperative serves organizations across a wide range of industries to build up their cyber resiliency, and implement pro-active cyber risk management strategies.  Our approach encompasses a multi-faceted methodology, leveraging risk management techniques and risk transfer solutions coupled with training and technology partners. We build a comprehensive defense that evaluates and strengthens all the core components of best-in-class cyber risk management including strategy, governance, risk management and ongoing monitoring. This approach goes beyond simply checking the compliance box, and helps organizations adequately quantify the true impact and financial costs of a potential cyber-attack.


Cyber Risk Assessments and Analysis | Evaluates an organization’s overall cybersecurity framework, in conjunction with the organization’s risk profile. This model helps to establish a baseline standard and develop an actionable roadmap for improvement.

Cyber Breach Response Plan Design | Works with organizations to develop tailored cyber response plans to effectively manage a potential cyber breach scenario.

Cyber Awareness Training | Provides a broad set of training platforms to stress test an organization’s overall cyber preparedness as well as reinforce best-in-class cyber practices. Training ranges from customized tabletop exercises, online training modules, cyber siege simulations and scenario stress testing capabilities.

Third Party/Vendor Cyber Risk Analysis | Intangible threats, such as cyber, reputational risk and supply chain or third-party relationships often go unmeasured because of their amorphous nature. Putting precise figures around Value@risk, as well as correlations and dependencies, can help improve business continuity planning and correct hedging and recovery strategies. Working closely with clients, we work to establish standardized controls and management processes that enable organizations to effectively reduce cyber supply chain risks.

Enterprise Value at Risk | All too often, risk management approaches falter on their inability to offer precise measures of financial, economic or operational business impacts. Our Enterprise Value@Risk measures remove the ambiguity from intangible risks and emerging threats, like cyber risk, among others.

Cyber Risk Transfer Solution Development | Our team has extensive knowledge and capabilities to develop unique cyber insurance and risk transfer programs. While most traditional cyber insurance programs focus on a one-size-fits-all model, we work with clients to develop customized solutions that address their most pressing concerns. From stand alone cyber insurance and breach response programs, to intellectual property and catastrophic loss programs, our team works to develop the right solution for each client

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