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Organizations are facing a wide array of risks every day that threaten the viability of their business. Building business resilience and continuity is a critical function that all organizations need to integrate into their strategic plans. Whether protecting against natural disasters or man-made risks such as cyber-attacks or acts of terrorism, having a carefully considered and effective business continuity plan can mean the difference between survival and failure when facing these types of events.

Risk Cooperative provides a measured and pragmatic approach to help organizations identify potential vulnerabilities and build up their overall business resiliency. Our approach is tailored to fit the organization’s needs and culture. Our team works as an extension of our client’s operations, providing full operational and implementation support.


Business Impact Analysis | Helps to assess an organizations overall business continuity risks, and financial exposure across the entire enterprise.  Going beyond likelihood and severity, reviews incorporate correlations, interconnections and key relationships in the risk landscape.

Economic Impact Analysis | Most enterprises are financially underhedged when it comes to complex risks, such as cyber threats, supply chain vulnerabilities, impacts of climate change and political risks. Quantifying precise measures of Value@risk can help contain these losses, while correctly framing resilience strategies.

All-Hazard Scenario Planning | Risk is not a static nor isolated object and yet most risk management frameworks attempt to confine risk to clean siloes. Agile Risk Control (ARC) offers all-hazard scenario planning and counterfactual analysis to help organizations see potential blind spots, run stress tests and strengthen against risk.

Scenario-Based Stress Testing and Training | Running veritable fire drills, tabletop exercises and scenario-based stress tests can help sharpen organizational responses and decision making in the face of adversity.

Supply Chain Risk Analysis | The lack of transparency and oversight in supply chain management come with a cost for organizations of all sizes. Managing and mitigating supply chain and third-party risks means being able to quantify the economic and operational stakes, as well as the key relationships and dependencies. Our supply chain risk management analysis provides deep insights into the business impacts and implications on operating continuity.

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