Specialty Risks

As a fully licensed independent brokerage, Risk Cooperative can originate, quote and place a large array of specialty lines insurance solutions. Customers need solutions that follow their operations worldwide and Risk Cooperative can help.


Supply Chain Risk | Risk Cooperative offers uninterrupted global supply chain solutions, covering point-to-point movements, inventory and stockpiling worldwide. Our program provides coverage for supply chain disruptions across risk categories, including but not limited to natural disasters, business risks, war, terrorism, and more.

Political Risk Insurance | As globalization continues to rise and firms expand abroad, the growing unpredictability of the world stage and increasing geopolitical tensions can make higher risk associated with deploying capital investments overseas unpalatable.  Risk Cooperative has worked extensively with organizations and investment funds to develop risk reduction strategies, limiting the downside exposure of investments overseas. Our political risk insurance practice works closely with clients ensuring they are protected in the most adverse of events. Our Political risk insurance programs can be highly customized and can include the following coverage components:

    • Losses as a result of war / civil unrest
    • Import or export embargoes
    • Arbitrary termination of contract by a state purchaser
    • Withdrawal of license, loss of receivables through non-payment
    • Exchange, transfer and payment bans
    • Other arbitrary intervention by the state
    • Non-issue of a confirmed letter of credit
    • Revocation of rights of disposal
    • Transfer ban for investment income
    • Confiscation, expropriation, or nationalization.
    • Currency inconvertibility and non-transfer
    • Political violence (including terrorism and war)
    • Contract frustration due to political events
    • Sovereign payment default
    • Wrongful calling of on-demand guarantees and bonds

Trade and Credit Insurance | Turnkey trade credit and investment promotion insurance programs help give firms access to the world while mitigating downside risk. Portfolio- level programs are available to spread risk and leverage economies of scale. Coverage & Expertise:

    • Credit Solutions
    • Credit insurance (domestic and export)
    • Project finance, factoring and asset-backed finance structures
    • Unfair calling of contract bonds
    • Trade disruption insurance
    • Accounts Receivable Insurance – Protections for steady cash flow and mitigating risks of non-payment by key customers
    • Trade Credit Insurance – Protects sellers of goods and services on credit against the risk of customer non-payment due to customer insolvency, protracted default, political events, or acts of war that prevent contract performance
    • Top Accounts/Single-Buyer Policy – Protects sellers against exposure of non-payment by a single key customer, available for both short and medium terms
    • Comprehensive Domestic & Export Credit Insurance – Provides global sellers flexible safeguards against negative impacts on account receivables, including customer default and political events
    • Credit Insurance for Banks & Financial Institutions – Protects against risks associated with credit exposure and bad debts across the globe

International Insurance

    • Global medical insurance
    • International group disability insurance
    • International group life insurance
    • Defense base act
    • Student travel accident and travel medical insurance
    • International transit and cargo
    • International Fleet insurance
    • International combined liability insurance
    • Business interruption and commercial property insurance
    • International Executive and financial risks coverage

War & Terrorism | In today’s world, acts of war and terrorism have unfortunately become more commonplace. Our war and terrorism insurance programs help to provide organizations with an added layer of protection for some of these more unpredictable risks, highly customized on a global basis. Key coverage components include:

    • Sabotage and terrorism
    • Riots, strikes, civil commotion, and malicious damage
    • Political violence
    • Terrorism construction
    • Third-party liability and employee liability
    • Loss of attraction and event cancellation
    • Physical Security and active assailant insurance

Tailored Programs | Risk Cooperative can create custom tailored solutions or product bundles as a part of our brokerage process.

Want risk agility? Make Risk Cooperative your broker.

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