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Risk Cooperative launches Comprehensive Benefits practice

This consultative practice is designed to help companies combat employee benefits complexity and cost inflation.

Washington, D.C. September 9, 2015 – Risk Cooperative, a specialized strategy, risk and capital management firm announces the launch of its Comprehensive Benefits practice.  This practice is dedicated to helping small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) gain their footing in an increasingly complex and costly employee benefits market.  For employers of all size maintaining a compliant and competitive employee benefits program is a key driver of their growth and cost base.  Facing mounting regulatory hurdles, rapid industry changes and insurance carrier consolidation, SMEs are particularly vulnerable to a flight of their most talented employees and to uncontrolled price inflation.

Risk Cooperative’s entry in this market comes at a time when SMEs are losing their voice and limited buying power in the benefits arena.  Risk Cooperative’s founder and CEO, Dante Disparte, said “best-in-class employee benefits solutions, including compliant health care plans, income protection solutions, such as life and disability coverage, and retirement solutions all integrated through automation are a mainstay of our Comprehensive Benefits practice.  As our customers are global, this new practice area will follow suit.”

With the launch of its Comprehensive Benefits practice, Risk Cooperative is pleased to announce the appointment of Becky Schroeder and Angelina Wiseman as Consultants, Comprehensive Benefits.  They bring more than 25 years of combined experience helping firms build and maintain their competitive advantage through benefit design and implementation.  According to SHRM, the nation’s mid-sized enterprises face an average medical price inflation of 9.1% in to 2016, while continuing to face strong headwinds on their revenues and eroding profit margins.  Risk Cooperative’s Comprehensive Benefits practice is uniquely positioned to help firms develop a sound response to this reality.

About Risk Cooperative

Risk Cooperative is a specialized strategy, risk and capital management firm founded around the question of what people would do in a world without risk? With this guiding principle, Risk Cooperative addresses the most pressing strategic questions of market expansion and innovation, strives to remove risk from management decisions and works to level the playing field for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the capital markets. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., alongside the American Security Project, Risk Cooperative stands on three often separate disciplines of strategy, risk and investment, bringing them together as a part of our methodology to unlock value from risk.

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