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A Cyber Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation link

Achieving Enhanced National Security Of the emerging man-made risks affecting U.S. national security, cyber threats have enjoyed the most attention and resources from national security leaders and policymakers. And yet, cyber threats remain one of the most complex risks to address given their amorphous, highly fluid, and extra-territorial nature. This makes it difficult if not impossible to quantify the national state of readiness and, in these fiscally constrained times, the return on investment from the billions spent each year on cybersecurity. Five gaps conspire to make achieving a state of enhanced cyber resilience complex if not impossible. These include a yawning talent gap to the tune of millions of people; a technological gap predicated on managing a risk that evolves ...

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Risk Matters Semi-Annual | Fall 2017 link

Risk Matters, a semi-annual publication, offers curated content and wide ranging analysis from Risk Cooperative’s team of experts, as well as our featured guests and risk leaders. In this issue we put a capstone on 2017, which has been a trying year for complex risks and an urgent case for risk innovation. We also highlight our featured Risk Leader Yvette Connor, Chief Risk Officer at Focal Point Data Risk.

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360° Cyber Risk Survey link

Designed to evaluate the state of cyber readiness amongst respondents, largely comprised of middle market firms across a range of industries, the report sheds light on the key challenges firms are facing across the cyber threat landscape. In partnership with Aronson and Ridge Global, this survey goes beyond merely assessing an organization’s IT infrastructure and security protocols, it highlights industry agnostic trends, best practices, and insights to emerging cyber vulnerabilities. CONTRIBUTE TO THE SURVEY AND RECEIVE  AN UPDATED REPORT:  360° Cyber Risk Survey

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